Our team

Claude Desbourdieux


Claude is the head of the board. He is not active anymore in operation but he is still in charge of our staff and legally responsible.

Anne Thibault 

Co-owner and CEO

Anne is a member of the board. She is the decision-maker for any business we have.

Naia Wallez 

Personal assistant

She is Anne's purchase assistant. She pre-selects, studies and compares offers to the French market.

Christelle Bidegain

Team coordinator and delivery/Logistics/documents

She works in pair with Lise. She's working with a part of our suppliers whereas Lise works with the others. As the team coordinator, she makes sure that the whole process will be done on time.

Caroline Dunoyer

Product's definition

Like Naia, she pre-selects, studies and compares offers to the French market.

She is in contact with suppliers for detailed equipment, she also checks the conformity of the product with the order to be 100 % sure to have the exact information.

Lise Nativelle

Delivery, Logistics, and documents

She follows the delivery of the package from the order confirmation to complete delivery of cars and documents.

Jean-Marc Malapelle

Jean-Marc is currently unavailable.